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The project aims to improve the habitat of opossums, raccoons, and other animals in the sanctuary Keeper of the Wild, by providing suitable and functional spaces that offer comfort and facilities for their stay.

This will be achieved by acquiring better accommodations for a more hygienic, comfortable, and secure environment for the opossums and the volunteers responsible for their care.

What is the problem?

At the Sanctuary where animals are kept, there is a special room for their care. Each family that arrives is placed in a cage according to their size and provided with enough food and water for a whole day. They are also provided with a designated area resembling a 'burrow,' where they spend most of their time as most are nocturnal animals.

The place where they sleep is a kind of plastic container, which is lined with a pillowcase. Many times, it is uncomfortable for both the volunteers and the animals because they often end up soiling the same bed, as they are trapped inside the same sleeping area. It is a stressful and fearful experience for both the volunteers and the animals, particularly for the animals. Moreover, it consumes a significant amount of time, especially during this season when the sanctuary is overcrowded with over 120 opossums, not to mention the number of raccoons, foxes, squirrels, etc., that arrive at the sanctuary daily for rehabilitation

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  • Provide a more suitable and comfortable environment for animals in the sanctuary.

  • Improve cleanliness and sanitation conditions in the animals' resting area.

  • Facilitate cleaning and care tasks for the sanctuary volunteers.

Although it doesn't solve 100% of the sanctuary's many needs, it does help save time for the volunteers, allowing them to assist in other areas that the sanctuary requires if they had more time.

Based on our experience and helping Keeper of the Wild, these small improvements make the animals comfortable and make it much easier for volunteers to handle and help them.

These burrows provide a safe refuge for various species and are a tangible way to support our conservation efforts.

How can you help us?

Our goal is to provide continuous help and create an improved habitat for the animals in the sanctuary. This will allow for a more pleasant stay for the animals and facilitate the cleaning and care activities for the volunteers, promoting harmonious coexistence and an optimal environment for the preservation of these charming creatures.

If you wish to contribute, you can donate through our payment channels. We will take care of managing and allocating your contribution appropriately and responsibly. Your generosity will make a difference!

¡Make your donation!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

If you have any questions or would like more information about our campaigns, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to share additional details about our initiatives and the impact we are making.

Thank you for your valuable support, and we look forward to having your assistance in our mission to protect and preserve our natural environment.

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