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Jericho Horses Trail. Let's clean our Forest.

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

The event took place on October_07_2023 between 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

It was an extraordinary success due to the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm of everyone involved. We gathered a group of passionate individuals; who were eager to contribute to the conservation of this beautiful natural space.

Morning Kick-off: We started our day with an energizing welcome speech, outlining our goals and the significance of preserving the environment. It was inspiring to see so many like-minded individuals come together for a common cause.

Our dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly during our recent cleanup event at Reserva, successfully cleaning up an impressive four miles of the forest in just three hours. Their commitment and hard work played a crucial role in restoring the natural beauty of this area and making a significant positive impact on the environment.

Cleanup Efforts: Armed with gloves, trash bags, and a collective spirit of determination, we set out to clean up the Jericho Horses Trail.

The participants divided into teams, and we combed through the area, picking up litter, clearing debris, and restoring the natural beauty of the surroundings. It was heartening to see everyone working tirelessly, demonstrating their commitment to our environment.

The environmental condition of the forest at Jericho Horses Trail. highlighting the extensive littering issue we encountered during our recent cleanup event. The forest was found to be filled with various forms of trash, including different types of bags, caps, lids, and food wrappers, indicating a severe problem of irresponsible waste disposal, likely linked to people disposing of trash through car windows. Unusual Litter and Debris:

In addition to the previously mentioned trash, our cleanup team was surprised to find larger and more unusual items within the forest. These items included:

Car Parts: We encountered car parts, such as broken bumper pieces, headlights, and fenders, dispersed throughout the forest area.

Tires: Discarded tires were found in multiple locations within the forest.

Traffic Signals: Perhaps the most unexpected discovery was the presence of traffic signals or related equipment within the forest. This suggests a more significant issue of unauthorized dumping, which could have serious consequences for the environment.

Probable Causes.

The widespread littering issue, including the practice of people throwing trash from car windows, may be attributed to several factors, including:

Lack of Awareness: Some visitors may not fully grasp the environmental consequences of littering and may not be aware of the importance of proper waste disposal.

Social Habits: Disposing of trash through car windows may have become a habitual practice for some individuals, leading to the accumulation of litter within the forest.

Report on Trash Collection Analysis

This report presents an analysis of the trash collection effort conducted in Francis National Forest, “Jericho Horses Trail”; on [Oct-07-23]. The primary objective of this collection was to assess and categorize the types of waste present in the area. The data collected reveals that a significant portion of the trash comprised beer bottles and cans, along with fast food packaging.

Download DOCX • 228KB


Addressing the littering issue and preventing further degradation of the forest will require a concerted effort:

Public Education: Implement educational campaigns and signage to raise awareness about the impacts of littering and promote responsible waste disposal practices.

Enhanced Waste Facilities: Install a network of strategically placed trash bins and recycling stations throughout the forest to encourage visitors to dispose of their waste properly.

Regular Cleanup Initiatives: Organize frequent cleanup events to manage the existing litter problem and maintain cleanliness in the forest.

Community Involvement: Engage with local authorities, community organizations, and environmental groups to collaborate on sustainable solutions and enforce littering laws.

In conclusion.

The presence of car parts, tires, and traffic signals in the forest at Francis Marion National Forest, presents a unique and concerning challenge. Immediate action is needed to address this issue, protect the environment, and ensure the long-term preservation of this natural space.

Community Engagement: Engage with the local community, authorities, and environmental organizations to heighten awareness about the importance of preserving the forest and the repercussions of littering and illegal dumping.

Positive Impact: The results were truly remarkable. We collected a substantial amount of trash and improved the condition of the Reserve significantly. Our collective efforts made a noticeable and immediate difference.

We are immensely proud of our volunteers for their outstanding effort and dedication to the cause. Their work exemplifies the power of collective action and the positive change we can achieve when we come together with a shared mission.

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